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What did you choose for GCSEs?

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    What subjects did I choose?
    I had to do English Lit, Lang, Maths, Additional Science and ICT. I also had to have an hour of PE and RE a week but thankfully there are no qualifications coming out of those XD

    Then as my options I chose Business, German, Photography and History.

    I decided to do English Baccalaureate so basically German and History were obvious choices for me straight away because I hated French and Geography.

    Favourite subjects?
    Maths, and then of my four choices it'd have to be Business.

    Least favourite subjects?
    English. English. English. 100%. And photography because it really got screwed up at our school, there was a horrific amount of work, a long as hell 10 hour exam and overall it was just a boring subject.

    Did I change any subjects?
    We were allowed to change within the first term, but I didn't. While choosing my options I was toying between Photography and Drama but evidently chose Photography in the end.

    What subject did I do best and worst in?
    My best was probably either Maths or Business I think but I don't know yet. Worst was definitely either English Literature or Photography.

    (Notice how my love for the subject really impacts my performance...)

    Any advice?
    Controversial advice to give on TSR but don't let studies take over your life from day one, it isn't worth it. Pick what you enjoy, enjoy what you study and try your best.
    Enjoy it because school is only gonna get harder from there.

    What did you choose for GCSEs?

    English Language
    English Literature

    Well we got to choose in year 8 but I chose:
    Childcare (changed to Geo in Year 9)
    Media Studies

    and in Year 10 I had the choice of doing triple or double science, I chose triple.

    What were your favourites?
    Media, Drama and Art

    What were your least favourites?
    Geography, oh God that was my biggest regret!

    Did you change any?
    I changed childcare to geography because I changed my mind and geography was the only one left ;-;

    What did you do best in?

    I don't have my results yet, but I think I did best in Media since I enjoyed it and did lots of work and revision

    Any advice?

    Choose something you're happy with or the next few years will be really painful. If you have any problems or don't understand, ask the teacher because that's what they're there for! When you're in Year 11 (Or whatever year you do your GCSEs) start in March/April time revising and make a timetable because you can take time, absorb the information and just be calm instead of cramming it in. If you have the money, invest in revision guides because I did and it was a life saver, also this site was brilliant during my revision. I started in March while all my friends started like early May a few days before the exams and their panic was just horrible to see.

    I do Maths (edexcel)
    Biology (all aqa)
    English lit
    English lang (both aqa)
    French (aqa)
    History (edexcel)
    Geography (wjec)
    RE (wjec)
    Computing (aqa)

    French because I've always been interested in the language and francophone countries.
    Geography because I enjoy the human side of it
    English because I think arts>sciences

    Least Favourite?
    Anything involving maths or science because I dislike the lack of flexibility and how you can't have much of an opinion

    I'm predicted A* in French, Geography and RE, A in History, 8 in Triple Science and Computing, 9 in Maths, English lit and lang.

    Any Advice?
    I'd really advise you to do subjects you care about as you'll be doing them as GCSEs for 2+ years and maybe at A Level. Look over everything you did during school at home and review topics every 2 weeks.

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    What did you choose for GCSEs?
    Maths, English Literature and Language, Religious Studies and Science were all compulsory at my school so I didn't really choose any of those. The ones I did end up choosing were Computer Science, French, Geography and Triple Science (so Biology, Chemistry and Physics separately). I also got the chance to do the AQA Further Maths course too which I would definitely recommend doing if you get the chance as it helps with Maths at A level as some of the topics overlap.

    Maths was always a good subject for me but computer science also surprisingly became one of my favourites particularly in year 11, it just goes to show that if you start a subject and don't like it you should stick with it for a while because your views of it could turn around in the end like they did for me

    Least Favourites:
    French because even though I enjoyed the language the controlled assessments (especially for the speaking) took so much time to learn and they seemed more like a memory test when it came to the actual exam, it was just about how much you could recite without looking at your notes (don't get me wrong though the controlled assessment was a lifesaver, I don't think I'd have passed French if we had to make up the speaking assessments on the spot).

    Advice I would give:
    PICK SUBJECTS THAT YOU LIKE. You're going to be studying these subjects for the next two years of your life so you want to be at least vaguely interested in them and willing to learn more about them. If you pick something you actually want to study you'll feel more motivated and hence be able to do more revision and stay interested, which will ultimately lead to a better grade in the end. Don't pick a particular subject just because your friends are doing it because you might not end up in the same class as them anyway even if you do decide to choose the same thing. Take notes in class and pay attention because trust me, you'll thank yourself in the run up to exams as all you'll have to do is read over the notes you already made.

    Most importantly though, have fun! GCSEs take up a whole two years of your life and all that time isn't going to be spent studying, you need to enjoy yourself and take time to relax too. Enjoy yourself and don't stress too much about it, I know from personal experience that worrying won't do you any good! Good luck with whatever you decide to take

    I finished sitting my GCSEs in June. I took,

    Maths (compulsory)
    English Lit (compulsory)
    English Lang (compulsory)
    Science (compulsory, I was sorted into triple but asked to move to additional again)
    Business, and

    Assuming you're in the process of chooaing your GCSEs, I'd simply advise you to consider what exam techniques you're best at/ most comfortable with;

    If you're comfortable with essays and long writing tasks in short periods of time, History would be good for you. If you're not sure, then don't take it; most of History involves long-winded essays that you have to wriye in limited time, both for the coursework and exams. As an alternative, there's geography; i didn't take it, but it appears to have shorter questions and is much more based on factual recall rather than description and explanation as History is.

    With regards to languages, I would really urge you to avoid Latin unless you're currently getting top marks in English, among other subjects. I struggled a lot with Latin, and I know so many extremely intelligent people who did too. If you do want to take a language, I'd reccomend a modern one such as French, Spanish, German or whatever your school offers. You'll sit exams in writing, listening, speaking and reading (one of he advantages to Latin is that its a non spoken language, so you're usually tested on sources, writing and comprehension) so keep that in mind.

    I enjoyed business a lot, just keep in mind that you're likely to be involved in a lot of group activities, and a lot of different skill areas will be tested in your exams and coursework.

    A lot of people choose Media simply to watch films and 'have it easy', but please for the love of God, don't do that. If you have a genuine interest in the construction of adverts and media texts, and the conventions featured, you'll love media a lot, especially if you're a particularly observant and analytical person. Just don't screw about with the coursework; it has more of an impact than youd think.

    I hope that provides at least some knowledge on a few fairly popular subjects. Just think about what would be best for you personally.

    Personally we didn't have a huge choice in our school

    The compulsory subjects were:
    English Language
    English Literature
    RE (Catholic School...)

    Subjects I chose:

    I didn't enjoy most of my compulsory subjects, especially that I hate Sciences and English. However, I enjoyed most of my subjects I chose apart from French but it was the fault of the teacher, not the subject itself

    A long time ago in a school far far away I chose History, Geography, Music and I.T., but I tended to favour the core subjects; I did worse in Music and I.T.

    Apart from the compulsory ones, History, Drama, ICT, Spanish, RE.

    Drama was very fun but it is so hard. I'm a straight A* student yet I am certain that on Thursday I'm going to get a B in it. Also unless you can help it do not pick ICT. The coursework is so lengthy and tedious it will make you want to bash your head repeatedly against your computer. History you have to remember quite a lot, but it is interesting and definitely do-able. I really enjoyed Spanish and as long as you nail the coursework and practice reading and listening you will ace it.
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