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I have three interviews spread across 3 weeks....

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    (Original post by Twinpeaks)
    I do know I have the interviews? And I also know there are no subsequent stages??
    Your comment 'I know I'm being extremely presumptuous thinking I'll get the first interview' most likely lead to the confusion, as it sounds like you don't actually know if you've got an interview or not.
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    (Original post by jelly1000)
    Your comment 'I know I'm being extremely presumptuous thinking I'll get the first interview' most likely lead to the confusion, as it sounds like you don't actually know if you've got an interview or not.
    Oh yeah I didn't notice that thanks, changed it now.

    Although I did say in my title I have 3 interviews across 3 weeks

    (Original post by Twinpeaks)
    Oh yeah I didn't notice that thanks, changed it now.

    Although I did say in my title I have 3 interviews across 3 weeks
    I assumed your title was hypothetical, anyway best of luck OP

    (Original post by J-SP)
    Recruitment processes can be drawn out. Just because you have one interview first, does not mean that it is the first offer you will get (making the assumption you will be successful at all interviews).

    Paper work for offers usually takes some time to be drafted and created. By the time it gets sent to you, you have some time to consider it and get back to them. You can informally and verbally accept an offer and state you will wait to see an employment contract - which will buy you some time.

    If you do get an offer, you can contact the other organisations you prefer to see if they can bring their process forward. They might not be able to, but there is no harm is asking and saying to them you have another job offer that you need to consider.

    You can also ask the first organisation who offers you a job some time to consider the offer. You don't have to make a snap judgement unless they need someone ASAP.

    In the worst situation, you could renege on an offer or if you have started the job, just work your notice period. You probably won't be able to work for that organisation again (say you make the wrong decision and hate the job you do accept, it's unlikely you will be able to go back to the other offer and ask to be reconsidered), but that's a risk you will have to take when making a judgement on what is the best thing to do given your personal set of circumstances.

    Job seekers have to deal with this type of situation all of the time, as do recruiters. The best talent often get multiple offers or are involved in multiple recruitment processes at the same time, so it is fairly standard for recruiters to be able to deal with this situation the best way they can. For candidates, it's just about using your own common sense and judgement on what to do.

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    I agree

    (Original post by Twinpeaks)
    I know the likelihood of me being offered a job from my first interview (since graduating) is very slim, but what happens if I do get offered the job?

    I like the sound of the job but it's only part time. The other two jobs are full time and decent money, with my final interview offering the best money.
    If your academic studies are now concluded and you have no other outstanding obligations and commitments, then I'd suggest going for full-time roles, definitely. Even though you're waiting on three at the moment, there's no harm in applying for more in the meantime because in the worst-case scenario - you can at least keep things moving, it also helps with your confidence i.e. knowing that you still have other potential opportunities. And if you happen to get accepted into a role beforehand, then no worries - just update the other employers that you've now found the right role and thank them for their time etc.

    But at the same time if I get offered the first job and turn it down, and then don't get offered a job from the others, I'll be so full of regret... But conversely if I accept the first job and then don't go to the other interviews I could be missing out on an opportunity to earn a lot lore money and gain more full time experience.

    What do people do in these situations? Would it be acceptable to accept the job and still go to the other interviews??
    Yes - if you're in a difficult position, just verbally accept the offer and carry on interviewing. Let's be real here... it's your life and your future on the line here, jobs are hard to come by as it is. Normally your employer will give you a certain date to reply back in accepting their offer of employment in a formal capacity (usually the case; they send you a contract to sign and ask you to return it by a certain date or on the first day on the job - if the latter then this is even better for you actually, because you got time for other interviews and don't have to sign the contract).

    So, you'll have time for the other interviews and if no offer, then just formally accept the first one... unless you take my suggestion in applying for even more roles and happen to get more interviews on the table.

    Also I know I'm being extremely presumptuous thinking I'll get the first interview, but I do have this "what if" at the back of my mind.
    Don't worry - most people have this on their mind and it's completely normal. You're always gonna think 'what if' no matter how slim the chances are, because what if indeed?

    Keep interviewing. Accept offers but don't return a signed contract until required. Good luck!

    EDIT: Don't forget communication. It's surprising how much you can do and get away with as long as you keep your wording in a certain light. Ultimately it's about keeping courteous, respectful, kind and professional. No one is gonna give a toss what you're actually thinking. At the end of the day, you just want the right job for you.
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