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Essay writing services = cheating?

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    Quickest way to fail your degree. Unis are very clued up, have all the software to check for these essays, and hit very hard at anyone they catch.

    How would you explain that sort of cheating - and total failure - to your family?

    (Original post by LDS16)
    I looked at the website hellodave5 linked and it's just astonishing. In a bad way. They have options for medicine coursework, dissertations, and other essay styles. I really hope that the website is a scam and that it doesn't actually provide written essays, as this would mean people taking someone else's place at medical school just to fluke it and become a **** doctor. Quite annoyed tbh
    I guess its important for every field... you will have loads of 'important people' running around with not one clue. Though I assume that someones lack of knowledge from having not done the work is pretty clear.
    But as you mentioned medicine - as things like medicine and nursing etc.guarantee a job at the end if you pass all your stuffs, I suppose its even more worrying.
    You can usually check if genuine by looking at reviews. Seems that many are genuine.
    Yeah, its really bad!

    Surely it's some sort of fraud because you're deceiving the uni into thinking you wrote the essays and making personal gains from it? Companies like this shouldn't be allowed; if you can't be bothered to do the work you shouldn't be at uni taking up a space someone else could have had.

    Its simply demand and supply. Substantial demand existed before the services. Kinda like prostitution. hellodave5 Nothing much to do about it really

    I think having someone to write your essay is simply wrong! It allows people to 'buy' grades. Not only that if someone writes an essay and you put your name to it, surely that is the same as plagiarism? I know that you have their permission, but it still doesn't make it right.

    It's definitley cheating, you are supposed to write assignments soley on your own. If you don't want to write essays or struggle with them don't take an essay based subject or don't go to university, its that simple.
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Updated: September 4, 2016
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