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Tuition Fee Loan for BSc while holding a CertHE

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    Hi all,

    I've posted this question not only for my benefit, but also that of others who are in a similar boat as there seems to be a lot of misleading information about people that did a CertHE funded in 1 year vs 2 years.

    So last year I applied for a part time tuition fee loan for my first year in a BSc in Computing and IT with The Open University, after discovering I didn't enjoy some aspects of the course, the hours involved while also needing to work full-time to support my studies, I contacted SFE.

    After speaking to 2 advisors, they came to the general consensus that if I triggered my level 4 exit qualification (Certificate of Higher Education in Computing and IT) which is awarded after successful completion of 120 credits in my first year, and I applied for a different course full-time (BSc in Computing Science) at year 1 entry, that I would still be eligible for all 3 years funding due to the gift year rule and the overall degree (level 6) is of a higher level than the level 4 CertHE I was awarded upon successful completion of 1 year with The Open University.

    Now scouring the internet there seems to be contrasting information in this regard, as people that completed a CertHE in 2 years aren't eligible for first years funding, while people that completed in 1 year are.

    I just wanted confirmation if this is the case, as I have acted on advice from two of your advisors leaving my job and withdrawing from my second year enrollment with The Open University, I'm currently awaiting a reply from one of your assessors and I'm slightly worried my applications taking so long compared to my younger brothers application.
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    Hi,We do take into consideration any previous study you may have done in addition to any qualification which you have previously received. The amount of support available does therefore depend on your own circumstances and your application is assessed based on these determining factors. As you have received an exit qualification from part time study and have now changed to full time, we will apply a previous study calculation to determine your remaining entitlement to support for future study. The best advice is to call us on 0300 100 0607 and discuss your application directly with one of our customer advisors.
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Updated: August 18, 2016
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