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Social Work as a second degree, first degree finished without honours.

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    I found it a little tricky to find any information about funding for second degrees and I've seen a lot of varied replies with some people saying they got funding and some saying you won't get funding if you have an honours degree already etc.

    I finished a degree recently but due to personal circumstances I didn't pass my dissertation. I'm incredibly disappointed with myself because up until then I never failed a single module and now I have finished with an ordinary degree with no classification, looking online I've seen some say it's basically worse than getting a third. So I have no honours degree and can't do postgraduate study because I need an honours degree onto any post grad course. I asked my Uni (BCU) if there was any chance I could resist the term or the year as I've known people in other Universities (Wolverhampton and UOB) be able to resist the year but they "changed the regulations" and I was just withdrawn from the course and told they could do nothing for me.

    I just wanted to know if I were to begin a new degree would I get funding? I was funded for three years on my previous course and I've seen some say you only get a total of four years but I don't know if that's per application.

    If that's impossible is there any way you can top-up an ordinary degree to an honours degree?

    I know my questions might seem a little silly but I'm out of options and I don't have £27,000 at hand to study again.

    I just see a lot of people saying ordinary degrees are not worth much and I don't know what to do.

    Thanks in advance,

    Hi, it appears that you have been withdrawn with an exit qualification. You are able to "top up" to the Honours on a different course but your application will be assessed taking your previous study into consideration. As an ordinary degree is a lower level qualification than an Honours, there may be support available. For example, if you return to study a top up on a Ba(H) course that is ordinarily 3 years in duration and you directly enter the final year of the course, you would be eligible for support for that year. This is worked out by the calculation 3 (ordinary duration of new course) plus 1 (additional year) minus 3 (years you have previously studied) = 1 year of entitlement remaining.

    Hope this helps. Alternatively, you can contact us 0300 100 0607 where one of our advisors will be happy to discuss your application.
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Updated: August 18, 2016
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