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Student Finance query following course withdrawal in the past

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    I have a query regarding Student Finance funding and course withdrawal in the past. You see, in 2015/2016 academic year, I've studied BA Hons Animation at UCA University in Farnham. To do so, I of course apllied to SFE for funding support, and recieved tuition fee and student support loans,as well as supplementary grants. Most of which, I must invested in travel costs (London Underground and railway), plus animation course,required of me to buy expensive hardware and software. Now I know that educational expenses can become somewhat high and that I may misscalculate my finances, but with increasing travel costs, I had to face a serious money issue. And so as the academic year was going by, I progressively started to miss some of the lesson days,and right up to the point when I stopped attending at all. Therefore, nobody could be happy from my study progress then, nor my tutors, nor friends or family, who couldn't help me in any way. So during the end of the first academic year, I started to explore my study options. My first conclusion was that my education at UCA couldn't continue then and in any years to follow, due to the high travel pricing. And with that in mind, I learned about student transfer and withdrawal options. Now from a certain point of view, a transfer option seemed to be ideal, as I've hoped to find another school with the same, animation subject to study, and with a close distance to my home in London. But after I sent out my study query to other schools in London, I got to be rejected by all of them. I must admit, I took their decision pretty hard and being left out of options or ideas, I decided to withdraw from UCA. Afterwords,I took a gap year in Poland where I tended to rethink my education pathways, possibilites. I also decided to build some of the work experience, as I've never worked before. I understand now, that this should explain why I had major problems to find a job while studying at UCA, at the time when it was most needed. So finally, with this whole experience at hand, and with multiple learning sources, I chose to study a game design subject, which in my opinion, reflects my career professional interest. Even tutors from Middlesex University did agree on that, when they offered me a place to study not long ago. Nevertheless, to be able to continue to study at the higher education level, I again appllied to the Student Finance institution for another funding support. But in the procces I have recieved a following email: "You applied for student finance for academic year 2016/17 for a different course and/or a different university or college than in your previous academic year. What you need to do: Contact the university or college you're studying at in academic year 2016/17and ask them to confirm to us that you transferred into your course. If your university or college can't confirm that you transferred you need to call us on 0300 100 0607 (textphone 0300 100 0622) to advise us of this. You won't get any student finance until we receive confirmation of whether or not you transferred." And here I am again, with no idea of what to do, plus, I'm getting all kind of worried about my student finance eligibilty in overall. So considering my history with SFE, and my personal circumstances, I humbly ask to advise me about what should I do in order to recieve much needed funding. I would be very much grateful for any information provided. Thank you!

    Hi, from the information you have provided it appears that your most recent application has been as a returning student however; as there has been a year gap between your courses, we need clarification as to whether you withdrew from your previous course, or you have been classed as a transferring student to your new course. If you did withdraw from UCA, you will need to apply for your course at Middlesex University as a New student and re-determine your eligibility to student finance.

    I would strongly advise contacting us by telephone on 0300 100 0607, where one of our customer advisors will be able to assist you further with your application.
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Updated: August 18, 2016
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