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How to become a teaching assistant?

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    Hi guys

    I would like to become a teaching assistant within music production

    I just graduated from university with a 2:2 overall within my BA (Hons) Audio and Music production.

    Would I still need to take a teaching assistant course to Go down this specific career path?

    Thanks for your help in advance

    Do you mean in a school? There's plenty of information online which a quick Google search brings up. You'll also have access to your uni careers service for a while.

    There aren't any qualification requirements for TA positions; the schools get to decide for themselves what they're looking for. The best thing to do would be to have a look at previous vacancies and seeing what the school/agency asked for. A teaching agency might be able to give you some further advice on this too. Doing some voluntary work might be necessary to show commitment and gain some experience of working with children if you don't have any.

    A teaching assistant specifically in music would be difficult to find. You usually support an array of students across the school or follow a statemented student to their classes.

    If you only want to work in music you could apply for technician roles within schools.

    You can get into TA work by simply applying for Level 1 positions. Read around safeguarding, SEN/EAL and behaviour strategies and you can easily wing an interview.

    Colleges will offer NVQ/Level 2 qualifications, it's just finding them and funding them.

    Why teaching assistant? It's a low paid position and you'll have to return to do a Level 2 qualification when you've just completed a level 6 qualification - you could apply for a PGCE, earn much more, have much more control in the classroom, and teach something you're interested in.
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