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Starting AQA AS Chemistry in September - resources?

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    I'm starting AS chemistry in september, can anyone suggest good online resources? I will be purchasing the text books etc from school but is there anything online/youtube channels etc?

    Also would you say this course is a lot of memorising and how much more advanced is it than GCSE?

    Thank you for your help


    I always found chemguide had pretty clear explanations without over complicating what you need for A/AS level www.chemguide.co.uk.

    In general though I used standard text books and my teachers to learn the relevant stuff!

    Compared to GCSE it's certainly a significant step up but I felt it sort of followed on and built up rather than being a huge leap.

    You can do quite well by memorising stuff, but I would say the better you understand something the less you need to memorise about it. So although memorisation might be necessary in some places in the course, if you work to understand a topic inside out then you don't have to do so much memorisation if that makes sense!

    I found a youtube channel that works with the spec pretty well https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCps...su6-b-7mwK41lg
    There's tons of different long/short videos.

    Some are for the old spec, but the more recent ones for the new spec say so in the title - I used these mainly for revision when I was feeling a bit lazy, and probably will for A2 this year too!

    For me the biggest step up between GCSE and AS was the maths involved. Chem is the only science subject I'm doing so none of my others involve maths and formulae. Really understanding the bigger equations was something I focused on, but it sank in eventually.
    Otherwise like mentioned above, it builds quite nicely on the theory learnt at GCSE with some additions here and there.
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Updated: August 19, 2016
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