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CS at Leeds or Nottingham? Stay at home or live away

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    I wanna study Computer Science but dont have Maths, and only have an extended diploma at D*D*D*

    I can get into both Leeds (applied CS and then if I do well on the maths modules, Ive been told I can move onto the normal CS course) and Nottingham.

    Things are quite tight on money and Im from a "depraved" area and my parents haven't been in higher education, so my parents cant help me pay for anything. If I go to Leeds, I can stay home and save any money SFE give me. Or, I can go to Nottingham and Im not even sure if I can live there... (My post code is BD21, for reference).

    Question is, Should I go to Leeds or Nottingham... Staying at home or away from home and if I do decide to go to Nottingham, what bursaries/scholarships would I be able to get? I've sent so many emails with enquires weeks ago and none have got back to me and so Im stuck now...

    Any help is appreciated.

    Be proud. You aren't from Leeds, you are form Keighley! All the best folks come from Keighley - although I grew up in Steeton and Cowling! The choice is yours. With student finance on the top whack you should have just enough to get by on, but a part time job will also help. Strive to achieve what your heart desires rather than pander to your circumstances. If there was ever a time to take a chance on life, now is it. So if Leeds is the place to be, live in Leeds. Both Leeds and Nottingham are cheap as chips - and that is chips n gravy!

    The very best of luck my Keighley friend!

    Everything the guy above me says and more.

    You will not go wrong with either choice. Assess the rest of the factors (living costs, convenience, social aspects etc.).
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Updated: August 19, 2016
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