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************Object oriented student records system *************$$$HELP$$$

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    1. Design an object oriented representation (class) to model a student record at a university which contains the following properties/fields per student object:
    a. Student ID number (a long number e.g. 263712036)
    b. Student name (stored separately as firstname and lastname) (a text string e.g. “Dave Smith”)
    c. Date of birth (stored as a string e.g. 12/06/1993)
    d. Course enrolled on (course code as a string e.g. BSCWD)
    e. Contact number (a string e.g. 07766383726)
    f. List of average marks for each of three years of study (e.g. 59.8, 61.3, 63.4) – any empty marks would imply that the student had not completed a year yet
    g. Link to a picture of the student (a text string representing a file path e.g. “c:\data\263712036.jpg”

    2. Create a set of constructor methods which allow these properties to be passed when the new keyword is used to create a student record object or setter/getter properties which allow the properties/fields to be accessed.

    3. Create special public methods to return the following:

    a. String GetEmail() which returns the full email address as a string (firstname + . + lastname + [email protected])
    b. Float GetFinalGrade() Final degree grade (based on 0.25 * 2nd year mark + 0.75 * 3rd year mark – marks used in the calculation are from the list of three average marks stored in the object (point f. above)

    Google is your friend.

    I typed "Java class" but you can substitute Java for whatever language you are using. Here is one page

    Here is a page on constructors in C# (very similar to Java)

    You probably need to know about a Date type (I typed Java date)

    So once you have read that lot, and assuming you went to the original class / lecture, you should be able to polish off your question in less than 30 minutes easily.

    Good luck!
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Updated: August 18, 2016
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