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Accomm prices!!

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    I'm a parent. My daughter applied early for accomm. and confirmed her place early today, however she has been allocated her 4th choice , it is £5200 for 42 weeks. I checked the term dates but don't think she will be there for 42 weeks so will be paying £125pw for weeks she probably won't be there!! does anyone understand this or know a way round it £125 is a lot of dosh!!

    I'm in the same boat. None of my choices and the extra weeks are wasted at the managed partnership. I wish the unis had more flexible end dates as this was why all of my choices were actual uni housing.

    I think that the only option would be down to looking for a room swap. Is your daughter not getting student loans to cover the rent?
    If so it is not down to you to cover it really

    I do think that guidance to students about choosing accommodation, particularly around managed partnerships or completely private halls is very poor generally (not just at Newcastle by any means)

    We (and frankly mostly I, as a parent) spent a *lot* of time on the initial application to structure my son's options very carefully and our insights from extensive research are not much use to you at this point. The information is all there but I don't suppose you'll be alone in it not sinking in until now. She got one of her choices and as you've seen from other posters, some get allocated to this more expensive accommodation when it wasn't one of their 6 choices at all. (We are considering ourselves *very* lucky to have got 3rd choice, in the cheapest tier for convenient location) This year was always going to be difficult because of the demolition of Richardson Road, losing a lot of cheaper accommodation for those entering this September.

    If it is any consolation:
    1) Those extra weeks may not be as 'wasted' as you think - not all students dash home the minute the academic year is over, and that time might be used in gainful employment (and if you are collecting, provides increased flexibility)
    2) Newcastle University compares favourably in terms of accommodation cost. Things could be *way* worse.
    3) You do at least have some certainty now... your daughter won't be one of those students sleeping on someone's floor at the beginning of term.

    She might get someone to swap with, but do make sure you all do the sums eg cheaper accommodation further away might be balanced against travel costs and arguably a different student experience.

    Fortunately I quite like beans on toast...
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Updated: August 19, 2016
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