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Keele University Pharmacy Students - 2016 Entry

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    Hi Guys!

    Quick group for those going to studying Pharmacy at Keele University this September 2016.

    Hows everyone doing?


    If you have any qs about pharmacy at Keele I'm happy to answer them I'm going to be starting my fourth year in September.


    I'm not doing pharmacy but I am heading to Keele this September for neuroscience. That means we'll probably study together a lot

    Hi, I'm wanting to study pharmacy at Keele as a mature student with just an access to science. How difficult should I expect it to be? Any tips?

    (Original post by Autumn.Introvert)
    Hi, I'm wanting to study pharmacy at Keele as a mature student with just an access to science. How difficult should I expect it to be? Any tips?

    So sorry for the super late reply! I didn't check the site for a while because of work and just saw this now

    Are you going to be applying for the health foundation year or going straight onto the MPharm course?

    I have not personally done the health foundation year but from asking friends who have they have said that it is pretty tough. You have to get at least 70% in the year to progress onto the MPharm and there are also a number of pass/fail assignments. There will be a couple of students in each year who don't manage it.

    However saying that, it is not impossible for someone with little science background to pass the year. Everything you need to know is taught to you including essay writing skills and practicals and the most important thing is that you do all the work set to you and you do it on time and to the best of your ability rather than doing it half-heartedly at the last minute. If you have a passion to learn the subject and you can manage your time effectively then you should be fine.

    There are also lecturers and current students who can and will support you in your learning if you ask for it.

    The MPharm course is pretty much the same it is difficult but if you put some active effort into your learning there is no reason why you shouldn't be able to pass. Personally, I always think that the biggest challenge of university is managing your time; it's so easy to put work off and not leave enough time to learn and complete a task and that is the quickest way to risk failing. If you revise and do the work the course is 100% doable.

    I hope this helped! If you have anymore q's I'm happy to answer them. If you have any q's specifically about the foundation year then I can pass them on to my friend.

    Fourth year pharmacy student at Keele

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Updated: October 22, 2016
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