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Oxford Law 2017 hopeful - good GCSEs and bad AS

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    My school also doesn't certificate AS and on top of this they do not allow any more than 3 subjects at A2, and they have changed the a levels to a "mixed economy", which means that I only sat 1 AS and that was maths. Unfortunately Got my grades yesterday and I got a B, but I had been predicted an A. My plan had been just to state my A grade in my personal statement but obvs now I can't.I am applying for law which is already very competitive and my first choice is Oxford. I am worried that they will look down on my silence about my AS, as well as the fact that I can only do 3 subjects. I was taking maths chem history and English. Now I am dropping chem ( most likely) because I had an awful year and learnt almost nothing from a new teacher ( who has now been fired thankfully after only one year). If I had felt more confident about Chem. I would have kept it without hesitating ( bc it used to be my best subject) in order to raise my academic status to compensate. However it was just unbearable and I lost a lot of confidence because it feels awful to do badly in your best areas.Luckily I have 12 A* at GCSE to lean on, so I hope it is clear that AS maths was a bit of a fluke for me if they ever ask specifically. I am feeling really low about this, and I'm worried it might also affect my predicted grades too. I'm feeling totally lost right now, and I've just had a terrible year, and I so desperately want to go to Oxford in October 2017 and start a fresh journey without the baggage of regrets, retakes or post-application. Does anyone have any advice at all??Should I keep chem as well as retake? Thanks xx

    Don't worry, if you ask your teacher then I'm sure they'll give you a predicted grade of A for Maths.
    Oxford rely more on your LNAT, Personal statement and interview than other Law schools that's why the entry requirement is AAA not A*AA
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Updated: August 19, 2016
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