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Architecture Part 2 Decision - Manchester School of Architecture or Northumbria

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    I'm due to study my Part 2 in Architecture, and I have offers from both Manchester School of Architecture and Northumbria. I am struggling to determine which is the right option for me, and I am interested to hear what others think about each university.

    I studied my Part 1 at Northumbria and it more than fulfilled everything I expected from University. The teaching, projects, course structure, city - everything was really good. I was 100% satisfied with the course, and managed to get a job in a great firm before even graduating. The lecturers and external architects were helpful, challenging, and they knew all students on an individual level - which to me is very important.

    When I came to apply for Part 2, I figured I'd be stupid to not go back to Northumbria having had such a great experience for Part 1. However, my family home is based in Manchester, and so the Manchester School of Architecture became more and more tempting.

    I am aware that MSA is high up in the league tables, and personally I would not have got the grades to study there for part 1 - I always wanted to, it just wasn't an option for me. However, since going to university and building up my portfolio, I managed to get myself a place. It seems natural to go there having achieved the chance to go, however the more I have dwelled on the decision, I can't help but think, why change what's not broken? When Northumbria was such an amazing course for me and my way of learning, why do something different? As such an established university, with access to both MMU and UoM, MSA almost feels a little daunting to me and out of my league.

    Having lived in Newcastle for 3 years when studying at Northumbria, I know the city so well. Equally, living outside of Manchester until university, I love the city and getting to know it as a student excites me more. I have thought about all factors i.e living costs (having my family home in Manchester), course structures, cities, friends etc - and I am currently struggling to decide.

    What are other students experiences with these two universities? What do people think about going to a different university for Part 2 in comparison to sticking with your Part 1 choice?

    Thank you
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Updated: August 19, 2016
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