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What to do before starting - physics

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    Any suggestions about what reading or reviewing subject matter would serve my daughter prior to her starting at Sussex on 12th Sept (earlier than a lot of places)

    I think she's had a full 6 weeks off and going to be a bit of a shock getting back into studying again so be gentle

    Let her enjoy her summer. Really! The hard work will start once she gets to uni and she has three years to get ti grips with it. Uni level work is very different from A level work and she will develop her own study skills at her own pace.

    She's been doing exams, for what, 4 - 6 years every 6 months, constantly. Each year there's the stress of results, getting to the next year, getting to Uni.

    Let her have a break.

    The first year of Uni counts very little to your grade. I think mine was 10%, I know some people's who it counted for literally nothing. The first few weeks of Uni are mostly about exploring living by yourself and finding new friends.

    The summer before Uni is about that last scrap of time you can spend with the friends you've grown up with, and your family, before they all scatter and you don't see them again for months'years - and most often, nearly never as those friendships break down.

    What does she need to learn? Nothing.

    Try teaching her some life-skills like cooking, money management. Set her up with a folder for all her passport, UCAS info, bills, driving license etc and subtly teach her about all these things.

    Physics? She'll get onto that at Uni...
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    She's had two months off, reading Nora Roberts, doing jigsaws and playing Pokemon Go
    But point taken!!

    Good idea about important info folder, bank accounts are being looked into. Think her mother is doing some heavy duty shopping with her in next few weeks
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Updated: August 20, 2016
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