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    Sounds quite casual in places, a bit like a leading article in a newspaper really rather than an answer to a question.

    I think you somewhat fail to address the 'and why?' in the title. Sounds like you have lots you want to say but you only have 250 words so you need to be selective with your facts. You need to focus on the Who? What? Where? When? How? and crucially WHY? because that is what the question asks.

    You lack a clear structure. You need to bang out your argument without getting bogged down in details and your own personal opinion:

    - What news story is the most important? (Britain deciding to leave the EU. Bang! Done!)
    - Very briefly add a few details if you must (date/result/consequences, you don't need all that waffle about past treaties etc).
    - Sum up what you are about to say in the body of your argument. Briefly outline your 2 or 3 main points that you are about to say.
    - WHY DO YOU THINK THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT NEWS STORY! This is what the question asks, be snappy with 2 or 3 big points in slightly more detail (effect on Britain's economy/foreign relationships with the EU and the rest of the world/immigration etc.). It doesn't really matter what points you choose as long as you give a justification as to why this is bigger than other news stories.
    - CONCLUSION! Sum up concisely what you have just said and what your main points are so lazy examiners don't actually have to read throuh the whole thing!

    In summary:

    - Say what you are going to say
    - Say it
    - Say it again

    Also sentence structures are a bit convoluted in those middle paragraphs. I would use shorter sentences and less punctuation. Keep sentences simple, it makes it easier to read.
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    (Original post by ManiaMuse)

    Thanks, Bud!

    It's for a job at a broadcasting company and answering the last question is doing my nut in! A lot harder than I thought I was gonna be.

    Edit: Removed to avoid it being flagged as plagiarism, or something.
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Updated: August 19, 2016
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