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GCSE history AND geography?!

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    Is there anyone that does gcse history as well as geography as i'm thinking to choose both for my gcse options and it would help me if you shared an opinion on what it's like studying both

    (Original post by Amethyst_)
    Is there anyone that does gcse history as well as geography as i'm thinking to choose both for my gcse options and it would help me if you shared an opinion on what it's like studying both
    I am currently doing A levels in both history and geography and did GCSEs in these too. I wouldn't say that the courses are too challenging, you just have to have a keen interest in the humanities area. Geography will consist of a wide range of topic areas such as tectonics and coastal landscapes as well as population and migration. Whilst history will be about the twentieth century and will likely involve American, German, British and Russian history. I really enjoyed the GCSE courses so if you have liked history and geography before, I think you will too.

    I did them both at GCSE. I preferred History much more than Geography but I always got the same for both of them in my mocks. However I don't think taking them both was too much work, though. You might find the year 11's above might have overreacted to them as they did in my school but when I got to them I didn't find them all that difficult. And when it gets to revision make sure you focus slightly more on Geography because I've always found the content and facts in History much easier to remember than Geography (depending on the topics your school does)

    I do history and geography, sitting my exams next year. I would only recommend you to do it if you have a genuine interest and a thirst for knowledge. If not, you'll find the course tedious and to have too much writing.

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    i did both and they're very different, history is heavily content based: dates, name, events, laws, long ass essays. really enjoyed history, geography is easy, but rather bland/boring towards year 11.

    geography is like science (though some science fanatic would angrily deny this but whatever) you remember a process, you can use it in your answers over and over, then there's the study case. some exam board makes you remember specific cases, some exam board like wjec (one i took) lets you remember any cases which is handy when you forget the ones you learn, you can just make some up on the spot (not crazy ones of course).

    I say take history if you can manage to remember a ton of ****, if you can stuff numbers in your brain, names, name of events, causes and outcomes over a period of possibly 100 years (one of my exam was America 1930s-2000 looking at two different views: black americans and foreign policy, thats a long long time period).
    If you like a nice 2 years, then take geography, a lot is common sense when it comes to human geo, physical geo isnt that intensive either and it's considered scientific side of geo.

    if you can manage both, take both

    I did both for my gcses and absolutley loved them both! Whether or not its bearable depends on a lot of things, I was definitley very lucky having two really good teachers and studying interesting topics! It helps if you don't mind a bit of writing too! Only lessons, as well as English, that I actually looked forward to

    I did both at IGCSE and found it fine. Geography (at least at IGCSE) didn't involve a lot of essays and was more science based, whilst history was very heavily essay based. That meant they felt like two very different subjects as they involved two totally different skills, so I didn't feel bored doing both.
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