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What do you like about TSR compared to other forums?

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    I enjoy reading the banter on here. Nothing beats the banter on TSR. :lol:

    (Original post by L in University)
    I like how majority of users are student( i hope) and there aren many creepers
    It's a great place to talk to with other teens
    Great place to get advice for "homework"
    Plus it's easy to make friends on here
    The rep system
    Student room.
    Student room is much more friendly and laid back. However I think there are too many different forums which means that users are spread far too thinly meaning that many threads often go unanswered as nobody sees them.

    Digital Spy.
    The worst I think is Digital Spy forums. Its full of clique users who will report any threads from unfamiliar users resulting in that person getting an instant ban. There is no appeals procedure and moderators often ban people without good reason. I once wrote a thread asking if temporary traffic lights were a nuisance. Result was a 4 week ban simply because the moderator thought it was un constructive.

    Yahoo answers.
    Not strictly a forum but a Q&A community. I quit YA two years ago as I was fed up of bloody reporter trolls reporting perfectly innocent Qs. The final straw was Xmas 2014 when I asked if 'Winter sports were better than summer sports' within 20 seconds I got an email saying I had violated their terms and conditions, my Q was deleted and I lost 10 points. I appealed but their appeal link didn't work.

    Also after so many violations you can be banned from the entire Yahoo network. So trolls could destroy your internet service.

    I later learnt that reporter trolls were endemic in YA. So much I will never use YA again.

    Lots of active members, people of whole ages from those sitting GCSEs to those who have been through clearing to current medical students to current doctors. Very helpful community and whenever I have needed it, I've been given good advice.

    i have been on here for longest. Also I can't remember usernames/password for other forums :fyi::cyber:

    People reply unlike reddit (which yes isn't technically a forum but still)
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Updated: August 20, 2016
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