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Soft/hard subjects

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    I see so many people on here asking others what they thought about the subjects they want to study such as sociology, history, media studies, food technology, art, psychology, languages etc.

    And there will always be several people responding with things along the lines of "no you need to do STEM subjects" or "lol you're having a joke" or "they're all soft subjects, you won't get into a top uni"

    Does it really matter though? I know for certain courses like medicine and dentistry you need STEM. But I personally believe you don't need STEM for everything to do well in life. I do find it rather annoying when close minded people look down on those who don't do STEM.

    There are many careers that doesn't need STEM subjects like law, primary teaching, chefs, linguistics and social worker etc.

    I think you can do well in any subjects, get into a decent uni and still do well in a career. You can still succeed in a career without doing STEM.

    *please no ignorant/rude comments. I'm genuinely wondering whether y'all agree or not*

    Well I did sociology and history and am going to study Psychology, all of which are your examples of soft subjects History especially has improved my writing and ability to construct a cohesive and coherent argument, it's more about the transferable skills

    There are "hard" subjects that aren't STEM but it's a grey area. Google "Trinity College Cambridge facilitating subjects"
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    (Original post by EwanWest)
    There are "hard" subjects that aren't STEM but it's a grey area. Google "Trinity College Cambridge facilitating subjects"
    I know. I personally wouldn't say subjects such as psychology, english or history is soft but many people do.

    I think the thing is that there are specific careers in those subjects for which they are valuable (i.e. we can't have any psychologists in mental health services if no one studies psychology, we need sociological researchers etc) but unless you are sure of heading down a career track involving your subject STEM is always better, they are just more difficult and better regarded by the top institutions and more competitive jobs... that's not to say there's no value in subjects like art and english - just that people who study them are making themselves less competitive in the job market as there are simply too many graduates in comparison to the number of jobs

    What you choose is up to you. However do so in the knowledge that there is a high demand in industry for grads with stem subjects. This is exasperated by the fact not so many people take them. So if you do well in STEM you can take your pick.

    By contrast there is low demand for arts and humanities grads and a high number competing for the few subject specific jobs on offer. Those who don't make it are on their own with no saleable skills other than proof of being able to complete a degree which to be be fair counts for something.

    Personally I don't know why one wouldn't choose a stem path. The future is easier, better paid and seeking people with those skills.

    Good luck!
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Updated: August 20, 2016
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