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Resit some modules or Retake Year 12?

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    Hi all,

    So yesterday I received my AS results ABCC - A (history) B (art) C (maths) C (product design). My first choice has always been to go to Bath, however, the offer is A*AA. I am confident that if I retook one or two maths modules in A2, I can achieve an A grade. Art and history are linear so for history I'll have to do the AS exams anyway and with art, only the A2 counts.

    I have also thought about retaking year 12 because starting fresh means that I can potentially get better AS grades, however, this would mean an extra year. Having said that, applying with let's say AABB-AAAB as opposed to ABCC would make me a more competitve applicant academically. As soon as I think about doing one, I immediately think about switching to the other option. Having higher AS grades would mean that I would receive an offer easier next year than this.

    I have a strong passion for architecture and my extra curricular profile is considered strong.

    I'm open to you guys giving advice!

    Thanks all,


    There is no right or wrong really. Your grades are far from terrible, and you can easily get them up for A2. You've also suggested you do a lot of extra-curricular stuff, I would have thought it preferable to maybe quit some of those things to spend more time on school work than to waste a whole year doing resits. You might as well drop product design, as I imagine it has a lot of time consuming coursework, and most universities won't really care for it anyway given you have an A in Art.

    Worst case scenario, there are plenty of other great universities for Architecture, you should consider some of those. For me, if worst case scenario happened and you didn't get significantly better A-levels, say you got ABCC at A2, I would rather just go to a slightly 'lower' university, and then go somewhere better for Part II, than do three years of sixth form.

    I would also add that most employers will be impressed if you get a high 2.1 or a First Class Honours from any top 15 architecture school, and the fact that you went to say Oxford Brookes and not Bath, will raise less alarm bells than you resitting a year of sixth form.

    The bottom line though, is that you will be fine either way, and can be successful either way, just choose the way that you will be happiest.
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    Hi there! Thank you for your reply! I'm considering the Bartlett right now, I'm currently at UCL for an Architecture summer school so I'll ask their admissions team and architecture students too!

    Thanks once again

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    By extra curricular I mean for my personal statement e.g. Sutton Trust Summer School and Work experience etc.

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Updated: August 23, 2016
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