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    Just curioius but can I do a bachelors degree in either of the above subjects without a year in industry? Can't seem to find an option on the website

    Naw lad, unless you're doing a masters course, the year in industry is compulsory.
    That said, the Uni apparently has a lot of contacts both local and foreign, and I'm pretty sure you can arrange your own.
    Tbf from what I've heard the placement year is pretty valuable for getting experience yanno?
    Helps you stand out when you're going to get a job you get me?

    I'm currently in Dublin on my placement year out from QUB Software Enginering. I started off on CS, easy to change. You do not want to be doing a CS degree without some form of placement trust me. I have heard countless stories of people finding it very hard to get jobs without placement. One example in a different subject (there are lots of examples in CS too) is Psychology at QUB, doesn't include placement year, but Ulster does for same degree - Ulster graduates get most jobs in Psychology I'm told... They do have a lot of contacts both local and foreign yes but you arrange your own placement, there is a dedicated website where all the companies advertise the placements/internships (same thing). They 'help' you... Placement is very valuable for experience and will make it much easier to get a job and to know what you are doing after graduation. Don't even consider not doing a placement please, for your own good. It can be hard to get one. I thought I was rubbish at interviews but practice is the best thing for interviews. I had 15 interviews before I got placement, practice was what made me good at interviews!

    Also you lucky new first years get to use the new BCB (CS) building before my year does... Not fair! It's an incredible building though compared to ECS1 and ECS2 (where we were while it was being built) and in comparison to the old BCB.

    Any more questions please don't hesitate to ask! PM me if you want to ask something more private
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Updated: August 30, 2016
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