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My A* descriptive writing assignment

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    I managed to found a piece I did for English language GCSE. The teacher gave us the theme of 'street market', then I just free styled it around the theme. I don't remember if this is the final draft, because is the only file I can find on my computer related to the 'street market' writing. Apologies in advance for any grammatical errors and misspelled words. But my teacher gave me an A* for this. We had to write about 500 words.
    The hordes of people are walking in one direction down the street, like they're being herded by a farmer tending its animals. Gamboling around, the children play. Laughter and giggles brightens the scorching day. Snickering scoundrels are positioned asymmetrically, on the street. The detestable stench of putrid seafood lingers in the air, unnoticed by the fish monger, who is likely desensitised by the marine life. A big huddle is forming around the meats market. Pursuers raised their money in the air. The sight of tantalising, fresh meats started an insidious riot among the crowd.

    Eventually, a man received a shove, which led to the destruction to the racks that hold the meats. The eager crowd dove onto the ground, fighting with each other over the poultry. The owner of the meats market and his bereft cohorts attempted to stop the brawl, but failed horrendously, since they were battered beyond recognition. Suddenly, the ragtag band of scoundrels rushed towards the commotion, while everyone else on the street was looking on. Arriving into the location of the fight, the scoundrels looked at each other, then nodded in agreement. They worked together to break up the fight, then fled the scene with all the meats.

    Then a loud clamor arises, among the children that are playing. They were reenacting the whole brawl with each other. "Stop it!" shouted a woman of the advanced age, she continued "Michael!, stop horse playing this instant!" The boy was lying on the ground, as if he was completely lifeless. She then grabbed him by the ear, forcing him to stand up, then continued walking on until they were out of sight of the other children.

    On the far side of the street market, a man is addressing the fish monger. He wanted him to get rid of his rotten seafood, but the fish monger just looked at him blankly. The man emits a sigh of exasperation then walks away. A single drop of tear falls down the fish monger's left eye, then the second drop out of his right eye. Turning around, he walked toward the back of his shop and started to sob. Next to him, lies his only true friend, his dog. Who is lying completely unconscious. He sits down with the back of his head against the wall. His only friend that understands his deafness, has passed away.

    Gazing intensely, a little girl is in awe of the plant shop further down the street. The aroma dazzled and rendered visitors to a catatonic state. Most of the attention is directed to the dew kissed flowers. The shopkeeper approached the crowd observing the flowers. "These are twelve shillings!" she says, then the sound of groans falls over the crowd. As people walked away from the shop, the little girl approached the shopkeeper from behind. She tugged on her gardening apron, then raised her tiny hand with soot stained fingertips revealed a few coins. Gasping at the sight of her, the shopkeeper took a knee, then places her hand over hers, to close it. Reaching onto the table, the shopkeeper grabbed a rose and placed it on the little girl's other hand. The little girl leaned in and gave a peck on her cheek, then scampered away with a smile.

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Updated: August 20, 2016
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