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University Accreditation Table; do you agree with it?

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    Tier 1
    1) University of Cambridge
    2) University of Oxford

    Tier 2
    3) Imperial College London
    4) London School of Economics
    5) Warwick University
    6) University College London
    7) Durham University
    8) St Andrews

    Tier 3
    9) University of Bath
    10) University of Bristol
    11) University of Lancaster
    12) University of Edinburgh
    13) All other Russell Groups

    Tier 4
    14) Loughborough
    15) Surrey
    16) University of East Anglia
    17) Sussex
    18) Heriot Watt
    19) Leicester
    20) Kent
    21) Reading
    22) Aberdeen
    23) Dundee
    24) SOAS
    25) Swansea
    26) Strathcylde
    27) Northumbria
    28) Keele

    Tier 5
    29) Most other non-Russell Group unis

    Tier 6
    30) University of Cumbria
    31) University of Bolton
    32) Trinity Saint David
    33) Glyndwr
    34) University of East London
    35) London Metropolitan

    st andrews is better than edinburgh?

    Whyyyyyyyyyyyy do you care?

    Lancaster is more of a top tier 4 uni, though. They pretty much gave out their places to students this year in clearing. Also, Northumbria in fact is an ex-poly, so it can't be anywhere higher than tier 5. And Edinburgh should be at the bottom of tier 2.

    Not at all.

    Let's get real for a second, from the RGs+4 only Oxbrige and maybe LSE/Imperial will actually have any significant bearing on your life after uni.

    RGs are all reasonably the same. No employer will give a **** over whether or not your 2.1 in Mechanical Engineering is from Bristol or Liverpool. They are both research led universities with alot of credibility. Lancaster, Bath, St.Andrews, Loughborough fall roughly into the same category. Likewise Warwick is no different to Edinburgh.

    It honestly really depends on your degree. Heriot Watt has a million times better engineering department than UCL, while the latter is stronger in languages.

    It is far more general. I'd say something along the lines of:

    Tier 1

    Tier 1.5

    Tier 2
    St Andrews
    Royal Veterinary College

    Tier 2.5
    University of Aberdeen
    University of Dundee
    University of East Anglia
    University of Essex
    Heriot-Watt University
    Keele University
    University of Kent
    University of Leicester
    University of Reading
    Royal Holloway
    University of Strathclyde
    University of Sussex
    Swansea University
    University of the Arts, London
    Aston University
    St. George’s

    Tier 3

    University of Stirling
    Bangor University
    Brunel University London
    City University London
    Harper Adams University
    Robert Gordon University
    Aberystwyth University
    Bournemouth University
    University of Bradford
    Plymouth University
    University of Portsmouth
    University of Salford
    Ulster University
    Kingston University
    University of Hull
    University of Lincoln
    Coventry University

    Tier 4
    The rest. It is too subject specific to map these out in a detailed manner.

    Tier 5
    London Met
    East London
    London South Bank
    West London
    UCL (jk)

    I hope I didnt miss any obvious ones

    One note, I think it helps alot if you're the reigning university in your region. That's the reason why ex-polys like Plymouth can be so high (also they are world recognised in a number of fields).
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Updated: August 22, 2016
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