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My dad will be alone when I go to uni...

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    My biggest worry about going to uni is leaving my dad on his own He doesn't have many friends and I really don't think he's going to meet another woman. Sometimes i go to live at my mums for a few days and I know he's so relieved when I get back. We have a dog who loves me so much and goes a little bit weird when I'm not around as well which makes it even harder...

    I got my current uni place through clearing and its about 4-5 hours drive away, I have about 2 weeks to cancel this position without reason. I could still get a clearing place in manchester, which is very close to my dad and would allow me to see him all the time. Does anyone have any thoughts?
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    It's not your role to keep your dad happy - could he not join some night classes to learn something new and meet new people? Would you be as happy doing the Manchester course as you would the other one? If not, seems a shame to give it up.

    4-5hrs is a long way away. You also arent going to be traveling back often. It depends on how you cope as a person, for some it doesnt matter, for others its juts too much. Do you think you will get homesick?

    As for your dad you cna use social media and talk all the time if needed. It would dpened for me on how well I got on with him plus you could talk to him about it.

    Whats important is you fo to a Uni you really wnat to attend on a course you really wnat to study. Dont pick soemthing through clearing because you feel you have to go this year on a course that just happened to be ok. Its 3 years of this plus you will end up with c £50,000 worth of debt by the time you leave.

    Imo if there are unis you wanted to go to and courses you wanted to get on, then resit, work hard and get the grades for those. The years wait is nothing as you could be paying your student debt back for 30 years.. You then might find a better compromise of something that suits you better.

    imo why not take a trip up to this place (soemtimes they have open days) and then you will get a feel for the uni and also how mucch the distance will challenge you. I think that will make your mind up. its what I would do.

    Just to add going to uni is part of finding your own way and being independent. Your dad is an adult and should be able to cope quite well on his own, so make the best decision for you. As I previously indicated thats not to say he cant be a factor in your thinking.
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Updated: August 20, 2016
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