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The marginalization of (left and right)conservatism in Europe is killing us

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    Because, along with how the extreme cultural left(often economically more right wing) is killing the compassionate, patriotic economic left, (that are more conservative in other regards)people are being forced to parties that are unsavoury, or unable to go to them for the sake of their reputation or the parties associations. So hence the respectable right that cares about the countries of Europe is undermined also.

    I am speaking of course on the question of immigration and civilizational conflict.
    Militant Islam is a threat to our way of life.

    Why are the political elites so happy to do this in such a self-seeking way? Are they cowardly, afraid, in denial? Are they genuine misanthropes and sociopaths who in their vitriol against nationalism or patriotism, think that Islam is no problem?

    I am so disheartened and frustrated, as so many are, to be cheaply smeared with racism and to have people attempt to marginalize this issue. It's an outrageous caricature of real, principled concerns. I was proud of commonwealth links, with Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, different ethnicities have enriched us and our proud Brits.

    Now, because of the crazed left, and their immigration policies driven not by social cohesion, or a genuine integration that is sought and practised(as they preach)by them, but by moral narcissism and divisive elitism(I support so much more open border immigration than the knuckle draggers, aren't they all awful, aren't I great?) we have created muslim ghettos with no common thread and jeapordised(probably wrecked) that entire pluralistic, tolerant, enriched way of life, all while they grin and cackle declare this a victory anyone with integrity who is not some bigot but concerned about this suicidal policy. Despicable, self-interested, morally frivolous narcissism.

    Yes I know there are ignorant thick people and provincials, but the fact the left are all focused on deriding and despising them whilst not on a brutal, militant, bigoted, totalitarian culture that is happy to obliterate us says how dishonest they are and cowardly. As though we are the entire problem. Sikhs and Hindus have been through the same thing with militant Islam in India, and probably Buddhists too. Persecuted Christians have and as the link below will show you, sects within Islam with different attitudes have. This is nothing to do with race, and to portray it as such is just vile and dishonest. It takes a guy like Majjid Nawaz for the media to even touch it, because he was muslim and from those parts of the world. We need to show solidarity with all creed and faiths that have lived peacefully with us in this country against this menace.



    I also want to raise something else pertinent. I am particularly concerned that this latest attack didn't seem to appear on Channel four or the BBC. What is going on? Are we being lied to?
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Updated: August 20, 2016
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