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Can someone help me with student finance?

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    Okay so this is a tricky situation I got myself into.

    I've applied for student finance - I sent off the declaration form and remember receiving a notification saying how I am eligible for money. My friend today told me that I should have received something in the post (student login details) which I might have gotten..my mum said she remembers something coming in the post of student finance but she misplaced it. My friend is also saying something about a passport coming back in the post but I don't understand this as I did NOT send my passport to student finance.

    On top of that! I didnt get accepted into UCL (my firm) and am now going to a different university I got in through clearing... the payments are scheulded for UCL so how do I change this? ALSO... (sorry about my lack of knowledge) when I tried to change so payments will be sent to the uni I will attend... they asked how much I will be paying normally I know its 9k but as I am a welsh student I pay 3,900 but do I still put down 9K? Please someone help me as I feel so lost and I am running out of time..

    Hi there

    Are you studying in Wales? If so it may be best contacting Student Finance Wales who are dealing with the app on 0300 200 4050.

    If you're confident you only require £3,900, then that is all you have to put, however it would be best to seek clarification from the uni you are now attending.

    To make changes to your course you can log onto your online account and do so and there will also be an option to reset your login details if you're unsure of them.

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Updated: August 24, 2016
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