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International application deadlines

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    Hey guys,

    Me and my friends are all thinking about studying abroad (we are from Hungary), but looking up all the deadines is extremely hard! Could you guys help me find them all? I need mostly western European deadlines, such as Netherlands, Germany, France and Belgium.
    I know that they might differ by regions and universities, but if you could just give me a guideline or something, that would be lovely . Thanks!

    look for them in the summer... like now, or when YOU have time.

    Also, usually private unis and public have different deadlines. Certain degrees have different deadlines (e.g medicine, and art degrees), etc...
    Also, it's a research that takes hours.. and i doubt someone will do it for you.

    How to do it:
    - decide the subject/field
    - look at ratings (not only topuniversities, but look for national ones..)- in this way you get familiar with the uni
    - look for articles "how to study at xxx", or "how to apply to xxx"
    - don't give up (it will take HOURS!! to understand the different school systems), and remeber : google is your best friend, also facebook (try groups for international applicants,etc..)
    - once you understood how it works, start with the application program

    advice 1 : if the countries have very different school systems, don't apply to a uni in each one. You will get crazy trying to understand 4/5 different schools systems...
    advice 2: understand what you want from uni. Different countries will give you different experiences. Start from that
    final advice: everyone that wanted to study abroad knows that it is a long process. It's not easy. Research is part of that. You need for look for things... if you have a specific problem ask, and it will be answered. But no one is going to do this kind of work for you

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Updated: September 5, 2016
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