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V1026 – Crematoria Reform Bill 2016 (Second Reading)

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    V1026 – Crematoria Reform Bill 2016 (Second Reading), TSR Labour Party

    Crematoria Reform Bill 2016

    An act to appoint Her Majesty's Inspectors of Crematoria to regulate that industry

    BE IT ENACTED by the Queen’s most Excellent Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Commons, in this present Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows:—
    1: Definitions
    (1) "Crematorium" is defined as an establishment where a dead person's body is cremated..

    2: Appointment of Inspectors
    (1) The Ministry of Justice Select Committee will appoint 6 inspectors.

    3: Job roles
    (1) Ensure cremation authorities in England are operating in line with the principles set down by The Cremation (England and Wales) Regulations 2008.
    (2) The inspectors shall consider and from time to time gather a Select Committee to propose relevant legislation on cremation and burials.
    (3) Conduct an audit on statutory documentation and cremation registers in order to ensure that they are completed and maintained aptly.
    (4) Respond to queries and complaints about cremations from the public.
    (5) Report any criminal or potential criminal activity to the Police Authorities.
    (6) Visit and inspect every crematorium in England at least once every 18 months.
    (7) Provide ministers with a report annually on activities, specific issues or any concerns regarding cremation and burial.4:

    4: Job Description
    (1) The job title will officially be 'Her Majesty's Inspector of Crematoria'
    (2) Each crematoria will be inspected every 18 months.
    (3) The inspector will have between 250-280 days of work every 18 months.
    (4) The insepctors' per annum salary will be set by the Chief Secretary to the Treasury after consultation with pay review bodies.

    5: Extent, Commencement and Short Title
    (1) This Act extends to England.
    (2) The provisions of this Act come into force on the date on which it is passed.
    (3) This Act may be cited as the Crematoria Reform Act 2016.

    In 2013 580,582 people died with 436,280 of those being cremations, that is 75%, this being one of the highest cremation rates in the European Union. With over 200 crematoria in England there is a great need for tighter regulation of day-to-day running of crematoria. The Scottish Government appointed one last year and is currently doing great work.

    Current regulations on cremation as mentioned in 2/1: http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2.../contents/made

    The most recent case of controversy in this field is a scandal regarding the disposal of infant ashes in Aberdeen.. After this blew up in the media Scotland's inspector made a visit to this particular crematorium and produced a report with various reccomendations.

    The same thing happened in Shropshire also not so long ago. With Michael Gove calling for an independent inquiry (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england...shire-36368915). If there were HM Inspectors then any negative practices would be routinly highlighted and mended before anything bad happens.

    Sources: http://www.srgw.info/CremSoc4/Stats/.../StatsNat.html

    4.4 has been changed so the inspector's salary will be decided by the Chief Secretary to the Treasury.

    Aye. Sensible policy.


    I can vaguely remember this. I made a comment which was apparently ignored, so no.

    If someone suspects that their loved ones' grave has been desecrated they're going to report it to both the crematorium and the police anyway. We don't need a government official to do it for them.

    (Original post by Peroxidation)
    If someone suspects that their loved ones' grave has been desecrated they're going to report it to both the crematorium and the police anyway. We don't need a government official to do it for them.
    You're misunderstanding this bill. The inspectors are for a crematorium's running practises, not vandalism of a grave from an individual.

    This is a sensible idea - Aye from me.
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