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BLM protester freak out

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    (Original post by Hugh Mongous)
    If this person were in were in the Khmer Rouge, she'd be the one laughing as she watched people being tortured for wearing spectacles. If she were in the Spanish Inquisition, she'd be the one smiling with glee while tying the heretic to the wooden post on which he would be burnt to death. If she were in ISIS, she'd be the one chopping off the journalists' heads and feeling just dandy about it. If she were a man in the Indonesian Genocide, she'd be cutting off women's breasts, raping them, and murdering anyone who might possibly be a communist.

    It's a disturbing thing to realise, but people like her always exist, in every society, it's just that some society's and situation's give these people the freedom, or the platform, for them to be able to fully explore their thirst for power, and their sadism, as much as they are able to. Trust me, if this woman were given the tools and the power to do so, she would do some extremely terrible things, and she'd feel great while doing so. Those people who do the most terrible things in war time or genocides, like Imra Grese or Ilse Koch, don't just appear out of nowhere. There are always people like them, it's just that wars or genocides allow them to show their true colours. This woman is an example of one of these people during peace time. Her supporters, the ones defending her in this video, they may not be the ones who would pull the trigger, but they would certainly stand by and justify it. When a person blatantly and knowingly eschews reason and justice in the name of gaining power over another so that they can attack and harm them, while at the same time feeling completely validated, reasonable and justified in doing so (i.e, employing doublethink) you can be sure they are bad, bad people.
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Updated: August 21, 2016
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