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How to meet girls when I go to an all boys school

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    Since Year 7 I've gone to an all boys private school and ever since then I have struggled to talk to yet alone manage to get a relationship with any girl. Even though we occasionally do mixed school events with a girls school, there is never really the opportunity to put myself out there and meet girls properly. I'm not really in the popular crowd and don't go to parties so can't meet girls that way and don't have the confidence to just go up to girls. I've tried adding and talking to girls I've heard of who look pretty yet as we hardly know each other the conversation often becoms boring and awkward. I know if I have a girlfriend I'd treat her very well and want to try sexual things but I'm struggling to get myself to there. I've considered just going into town or a café and just trying to talk to girl but afraid my shyness and fear of rejection may prevent that. Really struggling with this so any tips? Thank you

    I waited until sixth form when they started letting them in. Alternatively, you could make friends with popular people and go to their dos.

    Okay, firstly, as a girl with many girl friends, i can tell you that girls don't generally appreciate random guys hitting us up online, while there may be exceptions, the majority find it creepy and irritating. Not to say that you yourself are creepy but 8/10 who randomly message are in my experience.
    Anyway, im guessing you're like 16 ish? I'd say the best way to meet girls would be joining a club/group of something you enjoy, if you're not into sports there's loads of other stuff. This may seem lame but it puts you and her on a common ground, you'll have a common interest and something to talk about. Again , even if they're not in said club/group, it'll make you a more interesting person and give you something to talk about when the chance arises.
    Also, about the 'cool group'... don't waste one minute of your time defining them as that, as you all grow and develop your year will probably become closer anyway. But what's important is to not have that 'they're cool, i'm not' mindset, be confident and cool. I can guarantee that you'll look back on them when your older and wander why the hell you ever thought they were better than you.

    Hope this helps
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Updated: August 21, 2016
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