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How can I find a girlfriend?

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    (Original post by Alexion)
    that's very insensitive of you to say :emo:

    RIP Asuna 2015-16 :emo:
    I heard she loved it so much she wants to start a fisting business with me

    Make Her. It's an app for lesbian/bi women, it might be better... (:

    + Gay bars obviously. And go to pride!

    (Original post by Rhythmical)
    I am a bisexual woman and often I've crushed on women but it's never ended well because either it 'gets' weird or they are straight and not willing to try the taste of a woman.

    Do I try online dating if I wanted to find a girlfriend or hypothetically manage to convert a straight woman to have some fun with me? My preference is men firstly but say I fell for a woman, what if she was straight, do I go into a gay or lesbian bar to find someone for me?

    Why is this in chat?

    I read an article some years ago about some lesbian women who had studied psychology or something and was using her knowledge to convert straight women into gay women for her sexual indulgence.

    I can't remember everything that she did, but she would befriend the women first ...then over the course of 3 months she would do things like which came accross as innocent at first like giving them lots of hugs ....and eventually the hugs would get longer and longer ...and stuff like briefly stroking their hair [again if done briefly it comes across as quite innocent] ...and then over the months escalating the stroking more and more etc, ...she was also doing other stuff that i forgot ....

    but apparently 1 in 3 straight women who she used her methods on would eventually go onto have sexual relations with her, which is quite a large amount tbh. After the relationships ended the women did not start dating other women they went back to being straight.
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Updated: September 3, 2016
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