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Part-time student loan, full-time learning?

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    Morning all,

    A few months back I was speaking to an adviser at the open uni on the phone. I was under the impression that if I applied for part-time tuition to cover the cost I would be able to study at a full-time rate if I felt I could?

    I've just started selecting my modules (BSc Computing & IT with a second subject in Design).

    60 credits - October '16 to June '17 for the first module which is £2786 - if I want to select 120 credits it will cost twice this, although there are different start dates available.

    Would this mean that if I finished my first 60 credit module before June (February 2017 for example) could I then apply for another student loan to continue with the next 60 credits in February, or would I have to wait until the following year/June 2017 when the first module officially ends?

    Sorry about all of this, I went from high school straight into work and I have no knowledge of this kind of stuff (yet)! It's a lot more confusing than I thought!

    Thanks for your help

    EDIT: I have been accepted for a student loan to cover 60 credits.

    You can't technically apply for a second loan. Loans run through the academic year, so anything studied between now and Autumn 2017 would be under the same loan. What you can do is increase the size of your loan due to increasing your study intensity.

    A few months ago, I found very confusing information on the Open University's site about this. It wanted you to write letters to Student Finance, fill out forms that didn't really say anything about increasing study intensity, and other things that just didn't seem right.

    I just checked again, and found this new jewel:
    If you reduce or increase your study intensity

    If you decide to reduce or increase your study intensity you do not need to contact Student Finance England. We will notify them directly of any changes to the amount of loan required as a result of you studying fewer or more credits than originally anticipated. Once we've done this we will send you an email to confirm the changes we have made.
    ( http://www2.open.ac.uk/students/help...students-q-eng )

    So it looks like the short version is not to stress it.

    Edited to add:
    You don't have to try to finish anything by the start of the other modules. You're allowed to concurrently take modules starting in October and modules starting in January. There just may be some overlap with due dates and such. Also, if you take modules beginning in October and in January, you're not going to have a break next summer, so you'll be studying for nearly two years before you get a break in your studies. Just one more thing to consider.
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