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How to mention extenuating circumstances?!?!

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    I started studying maths at uni in October last year, but in January I was forced to leave uni on medical/personal grounds. For the same medical/personal reasons, I don't feel able to return to continue that course. The uni was absolutely supportive of this, and I have a letter from them - along with references - ratifying that I left on medical grounds. I'm now looking to apply for medicine, in part because of my own experiences over the past few months, to start studying in Autumn 2017.

    I've got in contact with the unis I'd want to apply to cause I know some of them can be funny about accepting people who have incompleted degrees. Having explained the situation, I've got a shortlist of unis who would be happy to consider applications from myself. However, they've asked me to make sure that I mention the fact that I have left a degree course and why I dropped out.

    How should I go about this? How brief or otherwise should I be, given that space is at a premium in a personal statement anyway? I don't want to wax lyrical and look like I'm playing the pity card, but I don't wanna look disingenuous, like I'm trying to cover something up. Also, is there any way that I can attach my letter from the uni to my application, so that all the unis I apply to will be aware of it?

    Thanks in advance for anyone who can help!!

    Don't mention it in detail, it is what your references are for. They will deal with why you left, and will have much more credibility as they are impartial.

    If they have asked you to mention it, then simply put "I withdrew on medical grounds (see reference), and those grounds will not recur during the degree I am now applying for".

    Just two or three short sentences explaining why you left your degree would be fine and then follow it up with how your experience inspired you to take up medicine instead!

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Updated: August 22, 2016
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