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Rejected for a student account

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    I went to Santander on Friday to change my current account into a student bank account and my application was rejected.

    I have been banking with them for 3 years. I have an 'excellent' credit rating according to Experian. I always pay my phone bills and the only negative factor I have against me on there is the average age of my credit accounts is 16 months (negative because it's under 33 months, which is obvious given I'm only 19).

    I believe I'm being denied the account because I went overdrawn in March and it was totally my fault (although the Santander had never contacted me to tell me I was now able to go into an unplanned overdraft). Since then, Santander have been bulldozing me with overdraft fees that send me straight back into my overdraft every month because I don't earn much (zero hour contract on minimum wage). Sometimes they're taking up to 50% of my months wages and it's getting ridiculous. They told me to stay out of my overdraft and wait until March 2017 to apply for a student account again. But frankly this is impossible, I'm going to be a student next month and occasionally I'm not going to have enough money to make ends meet. If it weren't for them taking advantage of the fact I don't earn much, I'd have a student account now. I'm so annoyed with them, because without a student account there's no way I can afford to go to uni if I want to eat after my accommodation fees has been taken out.

    Do you know if I could be accepted by another bank or will they reject me because I've been overdrawn at my current bank.

    How much debt do you have?

    I would just tgtransfer to another account, but disclose your debt.
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    Thankfully I think I've finally earnt enough to stay out of the unplanned overdraft for a while. My only other debt is my phone bill which is £40 a month.

    I've just applied for a student account at the Co Op bank so hopefully if I'm accepted there, I'll close my banks with Santander as I've not had a good customer experience with them at all.
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Updated: August 21, 2016
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