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Ludum Dare 36 Discussion Thread

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    So, it is that time of year again. Ludum Dare 36 is running this year from August 26th-29th.
    What is Ludum Dare?
    Ludum Dare is a game jam run a few times every year over a 3 day period. The object of the jam is to produce a game pertaining to a theme selected by the community by voting.

    There are two different sections of Ludum Dare. There is the competition, which runs for two days and is meant to be more challenging. The other one is the regular jam, which is three days and is more geared towards fun.

    The Rules for each are here
    Why would I do Ludum Dare?
    1) It is really fun if you like writing code

    2) It is really fun if you like designing games and drawing

    3) You can do it with your TSR friends (if you do the jam)

    4) It is recognised by a lot of employers and will set you apart from other potential employees

    5) It teaches you how to organise deadlines and plan well

    6) If you work in a team, it teaches you how to work as a team

    7) It is really satisfying to see people play your game

    8) It teaches you how to write quick code
    What does Ludum Dare generally involve?
    1) A decent amount of planning
    2) Usually a bit of drawing and making sound effects
    3) Usually a lot of writing code
    4) Bug testing and making sure your code runs on a good number of systems
    How could TSR help with Ludum Dare?
    1) It gives a place for people to organise teams and work as groups

    2) It gives you a place to showcase work to a larger audience
    If you aren't doing anything big next weekend, I would seriously consider joining this competition. I took part in Ludum Dare 33 and 34 (I failed to complete 34) and It was quite a fun experience which taught me a lot more than I expected.
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Updated: August 21, 2016
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