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Pestle analysis

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    hi guys,

    I know this is so short notice, I have a piece of coursework due tomorrow noon regarding Sage Group PLC and I need to produce an analysis of the organisation over the last five years and how it has developed within its sector.

    I am also asked to provide a PESTLE analysis regarding the business. Can someone help me on PESTLE and what to write about Sage.

    I am stressing so much, i have spent 2 weeks doing this. I literally feel like i am on the verge of having a breakdown.

    Sage group PLC is one of the largest software providers to small business enterprises (SME)

    1. Political: Government policy directly influences SME, more investment in the SME sector = more SME = more potential customers for Sage to sell to.
    Less investment in the SME sector = less SME = less potential customers for Sage to sell to.

    2. Economic: The growing international economy had shareholders expecting better from Sage's performance. Subsequently they began to aquire local software companies and expand which increased their profits.

    3. Social: Buyer behavior and employee demographics have significant affects on Sage's business. For example, customers are more likely to buy sage if it has been recommended by someone, hence why they focused on pushing it to accountants who could recommend it to others. Secondly, Sage's 5500 employees are mainly based in the West where they expect high standard of work life balance and benefits.

    4. Technological: As a software company, extensive investment and innovation is required in research and design. Sage now sells online which can lead to sales without limitations and reduced cost of sales. Sage also sells different versions of customers that are aimed at appropriate users increasing its appeal to all and not just accountants.

    5. Legal: Because Sage is in international company, it has to obey laws across multiple jurisdictions which can significantly complicate selling its products. Since Sage sells its software online, it has to ensure sufficient protection for piracy.

    Couldn't really find much information for environment. Hope this helps.

    hamza ahmad luton 786 hertfordshire hamzaahmad786
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