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SJW Infestation

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Why bother with a post grad course - waste of time? 17-10-2016

    (Original post by AngryRedhead)
    In what universe are you living in where most people think white males en masse are the issue? Last time I checked most people blame Islam

    There are many reasons the world needs another 'reset' but Social justice is not one of them
    I didn't say that most people think that I am saying it is what these sjw classes are trying to teach people, they say that whites just by existing oppress blacks and men oppress women by existing.

    (Original post by joecphillips)
    Is there a reset button on the world?
    Unfortunately that would delete all progress made in other areas.

    (Original post by RichardSkew)
    You are all the same. "SJWs are ruining the world!" You can lie here and you will get away with it. But we both know you spend your spare time on /pol/ blaming the Jews for Multicultural marxism.

    Most people who call SJWs one of the biggest problems whilst North korea enslaves its own people, while american Drones rain missles on Yemen and whilst Russia bombs hospitlas and whilst ISIS enslaves yazidi sex slaves, are like you. You are angrier at online activists than you are about the aforementioned. Hence why you bring up SJWs as the worst thing whilst the world burns.

    Seriously get over it. White race is fine and the Jews are not forcing you to marry black people. Relax.
    I agree with the sentiment behind the middle paragraph but I disagree with the first paragraph and the last paragraph; you assumed that this person was anti-semitic and racist (that he was racist was implied), which this person never gave any indication. Unless you've encountered joecphillips before and have seen examples of him being anti-semitic and racist, those were unjust assumptions. But I doubt it, because you started off this post with "You are all the same." You unfairly extrapolate. Mayhaps it is fallacy of association or guilt by association.

    Yes it was maybe a matter of ignorance by him or what you see as unjust priorities, but I think you were going overboard there.

    (Original post by ivybridge)
    Finally someone said it.
    Hey I haven't seen you in a long while! (Probably because I haven't been on TSR in a while, and even before then it was sparse.)

    How are you?

    (Original post by AngryRedhead)
    In what universe are you living in where most people think white males en masse are the issue? Last time I checked most people blame Islam

    There are many reasons the world needs another 'reset' but Social justice is not one of them
    If the world was reset, there's a chance all problems would happen all again, but there's also a chance they would not; a gamble, I guess.

    But I'm really uncomfortable at the idea of erasing an entire timeline, because it would mean all the people and identities in said timeline would have to be deleted too. The idea of erasing someone from existence is a bit of a disinclination from reseting for me.

    Nothing wrong with social justice.

    But everything is wrong with taking it so far overboard the scale tips. Everything wrong with being tolerant and apologetic to the point the intolerant win.
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    (Original post by JamesN88)
    Yeah but who tf actually takes them seriously apart from the usual luvvy duvvy hippie lot?

    I suspect most of them grow out of it anyway.
    There's a school in Washington where they're telling small children that they are bad because they're white, and that the other minority children in the class get loads of treats etc. while white ones get nothing. This doesn't bring equality it brings resentment.

    SJWs trying to cure 'racism' only causes more of it, which just further proves they are uneducated idiots who cannot think ahead.
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