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School Direct timetable

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    I'm starting my nonsalaried, Primary School Direct (PGCE) course in about 2 weeks (Scary!) and while I'm looking forward to it, I wondered what the timetable will be like with regards to actually having time to do the uni work while being full time in the school. Do we get time in school but out of class to do it? Do we get days out of school to study? Do we just have to fit it in the evenings?

    Thanks guys!

    You will certainly get at least the equivalent of two half days outside the classroom - this could be two afternoons per week or one whole day every two weeks etc. This won't necessarily be time off every week; you will probably have training sessions during these times too.

    Beyond that, it's difficult to say how things will work as course providers can structure their courses however they want. Rest assured though that the expectation won't be that you are in the classroom during the day and carrying out your university work in the evenings. They will offer time in school for you to do things. You won't be doing a great deal of teaching initially, so the workload shouldn't be too difficult to manage.

    Try not to worry too much about it. Just remember that it is in your course provider's interest to ensure that you succeed, so they won't be making it impossible for you to do so. Best of luck!

    I started this time last year - at first I had absolutely nothing to do! Our timetable was always the same, give or take a couple of weeks throughout the year where it varied slightly. Generally, however, I was at school Monday to Thursday, and then at training on Fridays. During my time at school, I was given a full day of PPA time, which of course was somewhat wasted at the very beginning, so I filled it with observations of other teachers. As the year went on, my PPA time was filled with more and more things, and very quickly you figure out the best way to use it!

    When it came to things like uni assignments, we were given 2 "reading days" just before the deadline - although if you were only just doing your reading then, you hadn't been working hard enough! I found that I could usually not work in the evenings, and just mark books before I came home, but then had to spend a decent proportion of my weekends working on planning and stuff. Towards the end of the course, however, this changed, and I was pretty good at planning and preparing everything in my PPA day.

    Whatever happens, you have to figure out the best way for you - you will get time during the school week for PPA, but you will likely still need to work either in the evenings or at the weekends. However, with a bit of organisation and a lack of procrastination, you will still be able to find time for relaxing.
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Updated: August 22, 2016
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