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Having a dog is making life difficult

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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    Perhaps you should look at the other replies on here who were all actually helpful and understanding, and take a look at your own. You provided no advice, just insults and judgement. Good to see you take time out of your obviously very busy day to judge complete strangers over the internet.

    If you have nothing of value to say (and judging by your post history, this doesn't just apply to this thread) then do not bother. The fact that you become so emotional about a stranger having a dog, is a little disconcerting, perhaps you should come back on this forum in a few years when your emotional maturity has developed a little.

    I thought i would just type different things on google about pets & flatshare just to see if anything came up and was surprised so many pet friendly accomodation was being advertised so i just typed Dog Friendly Flashare on google and a long list came up. So maybe the same will work when looking for jobs that i actually want to do, ill try it later to see if that works too as you can find almost anything by typing it on google, anyway back to your problem. I saw on google one advert is called
    Pet friendly houseshare - flatshare & rooms for rent and the other is
    Rooms for rent ( pets allowed )
    And there were lots of others advertised that accept pets so just type
    Dog friendly flashare but some were in London so if you live outside of London just type what i wrote and include the area you live or the area you want to move to
    Sometimes i forget that people on this forum live outside of London
    I like cats and dogs, i just don't like the thing that comes out of their bottom and i hate the thought of cleaning it but saying that i think their both cute and i would get both if i had a house but i can't afford it.
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Updated: August 23, 2016
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