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"How would you describe the perfect shopping and customer service experience"????

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    Was just filling in an online job app but got stuck with the question above. Any ideas as to how i would answer this??

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    Is that for Debenhams? I answered that the other day quite a short answer - I don't see any point in wittering on too much or they aren't going to bother reading.

    I wote along the lines of: 'an experience that allows the customer to gain the most and acheive what they aim to acheive in a pleasant atmosphere. Perfect customer service - bit about having helpful, efficient staff' I just wrote what I personally would expect from a shop - after all its my money I'm spending!
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    Customer gets what they want with helpful service when asked and friendly offerings for help if the customer has been in the store for a while or looks lost!
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    I don't tend to hang around much in shops, just get what I want and i'm out of there, long as the service is polite and friendly that's all that matters. Just your basic manners.
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    I think it is for Debenhams, cuz I filled that in too. I didn't write too much just that customer comes first etc
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    I believe that perfect shopping and customer service experience should fullfil customer needs and to manage to give customers what they want like:
    1) to feel welcome;
    2) a sales adviser that is interested in knowing exactly what customer needs;
    3)someone who tells a customer all about the features of the product and how they can benefit them;
    4) an adviser that can resolve all their queries and doubts about the product they are considering buying;
    5) support in making the decision to buy their selected item and any related items;
    6) reassurance that they have made a good choice and to leave with feeling that they would like to return for the same valuable service.


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Updated: August 4, 2010
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