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Does the wage gap even exist?

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    Facts are that for the same job women get paid the same.

    If men and women choose to do different jobs that pay more or less that's down to them.

    As soon as equal pay came in that was job done

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    I wish more people realised the difference between wage and earnings. Men and women get paid the same wage but women's earnings are lower because women take more time off whether for holidays or for family while men work more hours and more days. So if women are complaining at the gap it's more of a thing where it's just telling them to work harder and not take as much time off lmao.

    Debated this recently, couldn't agree. My understanding was that job was considered a lower priority for Jane Doe compared with social/family.

    Men on average work longer hours, they are more likely to sign up for "high risk, high reward" jobs, rather than vocational. Women are more likely to work part time, even without children.

    The biggest enemy of this feminist argument, is the other women who want to be able to be the main carer while the husband works.

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    (Original post by Crazysue1)
    As hinted at in my previous post, our arrangement was that my husband would be the one staying at home as my salary was so much higher than his. Unfortunately, when it came down to it he absolutely refused to do it because (in his words), it reflected badly on his masculinity and he would be the laughing stock amongst his friends.

    I was then put into the position of having to leave my very successful career (this was before year long maternity leave rights and extended payments, I had to go back only a short few weeks after delivery as our son was post term) as the costs involved in child care to cover my extended hours (I was management level) was prohibitive and at that time, rather difficult to come by.

    Re negotiation, I was a master at that, hence my salary level compared to husband's.
    Then we should be encouraging more men to take paternity and support the woman, who, in this case is the main breadwinner. Win/Win.

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Updated: September 14, 2016
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