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    Hi guys I'm new to all of this so please bear with me I'd like some help tho...

    I'm 25 and have 1 undergrad degree in Econ and Politics 2:1 and the other Masters in economics Pass ...however I want to change career paths completely I'd like to go into construction.

    I think I'm interested in Surveying or anything housing, building related. So i applied to go to uni this sept to do a 1 year conversion masters in QS but then I'm thinking its a lot of money what if I don't manage to enter the job market well... So I've been considering doing a BTEC level 3 or HND at a college this sept this will give me the foundations I guess but I'm curious is this the best route what should I do? Can I do an apprenticeship? Am I too old?

    What options are there and what would be the best route? Please please help

    Yes you're able to get an apprenticeship at your age, I'm in the same boat as you with looking for an apprenticeship, I am the same age as you and I have struggled greatly with getting an apprenticeship. My last interview they even told me they were concerned about my age as I wouldn't be able to support myself off the apprentice wage!, I was absolutely disgusted.Although they are not allowed to discriminate against age, from a business point of view the younger generation are favoured due to be payed less over the duration of the apprenticeship and that's the facts. The current wage for an apprentice is £3.30 aged 16-18 and also £3.30 those aged 19 or over in the first year.Due to you already having a degree I believe you will be able to go straight to the HND or maybe even the HNC which will be the same but with less modules and only taking the 1 year (just in case you decide you don't like it). A major advantage to getting an apprenticeship is being able to drive, so make sure you get that in the bag if you haven't already done so.
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    Hey Lucas thanks for your response. Ive been looking at both HND and HNC...what im sure about is which to go for? I mean the HND holds more weight than a HNC if im not mistaken. So i am thinking will employers not look for a trainee with a HND rather than a HNC? Also i have a driving licence so thats in the bag for sure hehe. Erm ive taken a look at the entry requirements and they want either a diploma, National Certificate in Construction Level 3 Diploma in Civil Engineering OR Level 3 Diploma in Construction which i dont have.. will my two degrees hold any weight do you think? In regards to the the NMW and apprenticeships i feel like avoiding them completely just because i feel old and have a better idea of worth...if i took one i'd probably work for a year then i'd want a pay rise. What do you think you're gonna do? What field did you study in and what do you want to get into?

    I was 24 when I started my apprenticeship, it's not too late, however you may be over qualified for some companies to take you on. If it's a big company they won't have an issue funding your course, but smaller companies rely heavily on government funding for their courses so may not be able to get that because of your level of qualification.
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Updated: August 22, 2016
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