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Cheap laptop with a decent gpu

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    Hey guys, I need a budget laptop (up to 450 pounds) with a decent video card. The only nice option I found was this:
    Any of you guys could recommend anything?

    In general cheap laptop and decent GPU are mutually exclusive. You can't have one but not the other. The laptop you listed is cheap (within your budget) but certainly doesn't have a good GPU.

    To be honest the majority of laptops around and under your budget will not have a GPU. The £500 range is when you start seeing laptops with GPU's, often from AMD because they're cheaper.

    You don't actually say what you want it for though. What does decent need to entail? Gaming? Graphics processing?

    Your best bet is to look for older, refurbished or second hand machines. They'll be cheaper and have better specs than something you'd buy brand new at the same price. That's the only way I can see you getting a decent GPU in that price range.

    What do you intend to use the laptop for?

    To some people a 'good gpu' in a laptop lets them play video games on medium settings, to other people a 'good gpu' lets them play video games on ultra high settings at high resolution.. We need to know what your expectations are.

    920m isn't that great of a graphics card, especially for gaming. You'd want probably 950m+ (or 940m if the games weren't too power hogging) and laptops with those cards tend to be £550 at the least.

    There is one option. If you have your own copy of windows you could install on a new laptop, obtained anyhow (not promoting piracy but people do it anyway so I may as well give the option) then you could buy a laptop without an operating system, as that will reduce the cost.
    That's what I did. I went on PCSpecialist, customised my own laptop and then selected no operating system, which saved around £90. I installed Windows 7 on it myself as I have a disc. You could probably get one with an i3 processor and a 940M graphics card for £450 this way
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Updated: August 24, 2016
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