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Re: Guardian: 'We are Europeans. Brexit will make us face up to it'

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    (Original post by SaucissonSecCy)
    The flag is enforced on profiles on European forums. The propaganda is in schools. It has a creepy, utopian expansionism inherent. The EU is loved by the 'global governance' brigade.
    What a load of nonsense. Nothing is 'enforced' or 'propaganda'. If a country is a member of the EU it should proudly display its only symbol, the flag.

    Please elaborate on that expansionism that you constantly blather about. Do you have any idea what hoops countries have to jump through to become an EU member? I'd say you are the only creep here... And what is utopian about it? It works! It's only the Brits who constantly moan and ***** about it, making themselves the laughing stock of Europe.

    You ever heard of the Lisbon treaty and Irish and French referendums?

    (Original post by SaucissonSecCy)
    I don't care what deal we'll get, the EU is breaking up and it's only 15% of the global economy.
    Oh, you WILL get a *****y deal. The EU is not breaking up, what are you even talking about? Now that the ideological cancer that was Britain has removed itself, it can thrive even more.

    The EU's share is actually 16.5% - and it was by far the UK's biggest trading partner, so you're pretty much screwed now.

    (Original post by SaucissonSecCy)
    I didn't mention the US as I recall-they are pretty ****ed,
    Oh really? The world's biggest economy, which has been growing steadily for some while now? And who won't touch you now, having seen how you honor pr previous agreements with partners? Just goes to show the actual economic knowledge of Brexiters; you, my friend, know absolutely nothing.

    (Original post by SaucissonSecCy)
    We have China, India, Singapore, Africa, the world out there.
    Oh my, you are such a joke. You think China will touch you? You think you can sustain your laughable economy with the rest? So naive. Back to ECON101.

    (Original post by SaucissonSecCy)
    A minority like 52%? You going to call them all racist right?
    52% of Europeans backed Brexit? Care to back up that number? Oh, you saw it in the Daily Mail? Of course. You got nothing, as usual, just hot air. Typical Leave voter. Uneducated, uninformed, populist.

    (Original post by SaucissonSecCy)
    Just like no-one wants to vote for Trump or Corbyn...establishment is shaking....
    Corbyn is a good guy with good ideas (and was firmly against Brexit), but if you call him anti-establishment you know even less about politics than your drivel in this thread indicates.
    Trump is a xenophobic nationalist like you, I am surprised you didn't bring him up earlier!
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Updated: August 21, 2016
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