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Can this girl sing?

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    she can sing, but her head tones were weak compared to her chest tones....good song tho
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    I really liked it, though her diction in the song sounded a bit American in places, and I don't think she's American, is she?
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    ah, freddie, now he could SING! i love that wembley concert.
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    This is a bit out of date isn't it? What happened with her then OP?
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    She sounds good to me
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    its suprising how many people put videos of themselves singing on youtube, bizarre :rolleyes:
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    Why is it bizarre?
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    (Original post by polythenepam)
    she can sing, but her head tones were weak compared to her chest tones
    yeah there's a huge difference between her head and chest voice, and it's actually really distracting!
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    Even more distracting is the bird chirping in the background.
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    Hehe, the bird is hardly distracting :p:


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