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advice on how to get into the Progaming/ IT related sector

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    hey guys .... i am finding it really hard to get into software programming or even any IT related jobs.
    A bit of background on me:
    I have a degree in mechanical engineering. I have Only been able to get jobs in retail for the past year.....although i understand i do not have a degree in an IT based course ... i did complete some modules in my degree such as CNC .... after having completed my degree i took it upon myself to independently learn new languages i now know JavaScript, Python, SQL, C and Java..... its truly disappointing because i have a drive and thirst for this and i'm unable to find anything. I have a linkedin profile ... i have been applying to jobs.... i have created my own website as a portfolio of my skill set ..... i live quite close to London so in terms of location there are not any barriers

    do you guys have any tips on what i can do?

    Do you have a GitHub/GitLab/BitBucket account that shows code you've written?

    You say you "know" JavaScript, Python, SQL, C and Java - how well do you know them? Hobby projects level or the ability to solve actual business problems?

    What kind of jobs are you applying for? Are you tailoring your CV to each role?
    A Java shop won't necessarily care how well you know Python - and vice-versa

    If you want some more specific advice, PM me your website and I'll take a look for you...

    (Original post by jungle_ninja)
    A Java shop won't necessarily care how well you know Python - and vice-versa
    You say this, but most times I've been part of the interview process (either interviewee or interviewer) it doesn't really seem to matter what type of language you've had exposure to. The fact you've got the basics down (lets face it, they don't vary a huge deal from one to another) that's fine - you can usually pick up a new language fairly quickly if you're relatively experienced in another.

    Then again for more advanced or senior roles, they may need to see evidence of prolonged professional exposure to a language..

    Look at this thread:


    Tailor your CV for each role.

    Create a GitHub account and showcase your projects: apps, video game, web plug in, websites. If you do this, I'm sure you'll get in somewhere soon.

    Also answer questions on stackoverflow and contribute on open source project.

    Good luck!
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Updated: September 2, 2016
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