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Met police anti-harassment Twitter account harassing non-PC users.

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    dont dismiss this because of the source look at the content of the message the met sent if I went out and started to post these types of things towards people online I would be arrested.


    Reported to the police for linking to breitbart. Remember kids, thoughtcrime doesn't pay.

    I wonder the legality of this.

    I mean usually police acts ex post - after a robbery, after a murder, after an assault. This seems to be ex ante in the sense that they try to stop people being intimidating to others, by intimidating the person in question?

    I feel like this is an argument wherein whoever wins we all lose.

    On the other hand the police has a greater duty to watch how it acts and what it says, compared to the ethemeral unimportant utterings of some private citizen over Twitter.

    I actually find it funny how Twitter drama gets so much headline space in the media.

    The vast bulk of those Twitter "news" would never even be known if not for those headlines.
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Updated: August 23, 2016
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