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    Sorry I forgot to put an appropriate title..

    Hi everyone,

    I received an offer to study Computer Science at Lincoln but have not made my decision yet, but I certainly consider University of Lincoln as one of my options. I just have few questions about the university.

    Summer/Intern Jobs
    The university that I currently go to has a very close business relations with some of the largest tech companies like Rolls Royce, Microsoft, IBM, and others, and so these companies were able to get some of their interns from our university during summer time and employ them to their headquarters, factories etc, though they may not be the highest paying jobs (though I believe they pay quite decent amount) but at least they're a good way to earn some money and a little bit of professional job experience during summer.
    • Does the university offer summer job for students? Is there a department that helps you with this sort of things at Lincoln? Cause I am also thinking of doing it in between my 1st & 2nd year, and probably between 2nd and 3rd year as well if I get the opportunity again.
    Campus And Surrounding Areas
    • In terms of living in the city. Is Lincoln generally a quite city like a town (maybe not as extreme as ghost town though) in a country side where you hardly see anyone walking around (except uni students of course) similar to small cities like Coventry, Southampton or is it more populated city like London or Bristol where you can see many people crossing streets, walking with their dogs, cars buzzing during rush hour etc.
    • Are there any convenient stores/shops nearby?
    • Is everything in a walking disatance?
    • Does the university have free buses that sort of goes around the city to cater students especially if you happen to live away from the campus?
    How much does it costs to live there on average? I know living expenses at cities like London or maybe even Birmingham and Edinburgh are a lot more expensive compared to universities from towns and cities away from these places.

    I have never been to Lincoln and probably won't be going there for open day cause it's quite a long journey from where I live, but based on reviews, photographs, and virtual tour from the website, the campus looks really nice.

    If you're really concerned you should visit. All of your questions will be answered then. You have to live and study there for 3 years and that's quite a big decision to make based on what other people say. Google maps will tell you where things are and the uni website will have info about transport, living costs and the careers service. Do bear in mind though that being successful at uni is down to initiative so even if there is someone to help you with placements quite a lot of the work is down to you.
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Updated: August 23, 2016
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