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Guy flirts with everyone but me

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    I had a crush on this guy I worked with. It lasted about 9 months. I never flirted with him and I think I hid it quite well. He had a girlfriend so I was just polite and friendly with him while trying to get over the crush. I'm over him now and have met a guy I really like.

    I have one issue though. My old crush and I have a group of mutual friends. We meet up fairly regularly. I can no longer enjoy my time with the group as my old crush ignores me completely. He will look at me and smile but will not speak to
    Me and avoids being alone with me at all costs.

    He is friendly and flirty to everyone, even unattractive women, but he will not flirt or even talk to me. When I am with him he goes on and on about how hot other girls are.

    He is very affected by my presence. He's always looking at me but seems really scared and nervous when I'm around him. I don't think he means to be rude, he just can't seem to be comfortable around me. He is a super friendly guy so this is out of character for him. He seems to actively dislike being alone with me
    Or talking to me.

    Whenever it's time to leave he will be friendly and tell me to contact him if I need any help with my reports (we are in the same profession). He also added me on Facebook. So I do think he wants to stay in contact. When we worked together he was super friendly in the office and always sat next to
    Me if there were others around (never if we were alone).

    I've got a boyfriend now and I hoped that would make him more comfortable around me but it hasn't. To be honest it's getting really annoying!

    I will have to talk to him about it if it gets any worse but any advice on what could be going on here?

    He thinks I'm a right weirdo doesn't he?

    You're over him though?

    He sounds way more awkward than you think he is, he may have realised you had a crush on him that's why he's becoming so awkward around you.

    You just want to be validated by him. Let it go...

    If you're over him why are you so worried...
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    I feel really bad if I made him feel uncomfortable.

    I had a silly crush that I am now genuinely over. I feel so stupid for having a crush in the first place.

    I just don't understand why he's like this.

    I don't feel the need to be validated. I get a lot of male attention as it is and a lovely boyfriend.

    It's just, I love my group of friends and his awkwardness is affecting my ability to enjoy relaxing in the group.

    I think he likes you. When a guy realises that a girl has a crush on him, he wouldnot feel awkward at all rather they act cool and pretend they dont know.
    Its good if you confront him and get over it because you seem quite conscious of it and it might affect your relationship with your boyfriend.
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