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May retake GCSEs due to extenuating circumstances

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    Due to extenuating circumstances (mainly deteriorating health and hospitalisation), I missed out on the opportunity of completing Year 11 in secondary school and therefore missed my GCSE's/iGCSE's.

    I had asked the school I attended for help with sitting them the first time but they told me that there was nothing they could do. I wrote to my MP about the issue I was facing but no matter what the MP said, the school I attended didn't help me at all.

    Once I was discharged from hospital, about a year and a half later, and I had collected enough money, I sat a few examinations at the age of 18. I had a minimal amount of money so I couldn't pay for any help such as tuition. Being an A* student in school and being recognised as gifted since I was a child, I thought it would be easy to self-teach the content. In my results, I achieved an A in English Language and Literature, and a B in Biology. However, I didn't do so well in the rest of the examinations I took.

    I'm currently waiting for enrolment day to discuss leniency regarding entry requirements for the A Levels I wish to take (Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Maths/Psychology) with the college I want to attend (BMETC/Matthew Boulton Campus). I'm adamant on studying A Levels and I know I am capable of achieving amazing grades, but of course, the ill health I experienced affected my plan of going to college straight away.

    In all honesty, I despise playing the victim but I feel as if I have no choice. I didn't want this unfortunate turn of events to occur and I do believe that the only reason why I didn't achieve the grades I should have (predicted A*s and A's) is because I fell ill during the most important time of my teenage years.

    I have a couple of options, one of them being retaking the iGCSE/GCSE's that I failed in as soon as possible and paying for extra tuition - I'll even work if its the only way to pay for help that I require. I am going to be turning 19 in the upcoming February and I don't wish to waste another year.

    My questions are:

    Would I be able to enrol in college in the academic year of 2017-19 after I resit the iGCSE/GCSE's and receive the results (which will be both in December and March).

    Does anyone know of any private examination centres in the West Midlands (closer to the Bullring town centre as I can only travel on the bus), preferably cheap ones?

    Will the college be lenient on the basis of ill health?

    Has anyone ever heard of one studying an A Level and then when receiving the desired requirements, studying the other A Levels alongside? What I mean is studying Biology A Level for now, and then when I receive my results, studying the other A Levels too.

    I will update on any further queries I may have.

    Thank you for any responses in advance.
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Updated: August 23, 2016
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